How We Save You Money


The world’s largest laboratories, which can produce upwards of 10,000 jobs per day, are located outside the US. Most do not have any sales force or representation in the United States. And almost none are interested in small accounts.

The Superlabs are interested in the growth in Free Form Lenses. They understand that Free Form is the future and have invested millions in their labs to automate and prepare for the surge in demand.

Big US Chains Already Get The Low Prices:

Some of the largest chains in the US, Europe, and Asia already source their high quality Free Form lenses from the international “Superlabs”. However, these chains are able to send many thousands of jobs every month. So, they are able to get the low prices these Superlabs can offer.

Now, So Can YOU!

Free Form International leverages our ability to consolidate orders from small and medium sized Optometrists, Dispensing Ophthalmologists, Opticians, and small Retail Optical Chains.

Through this consolidation, we present a united block of buying power. The large laboratories in our network, known as “SUPERLABS”, see us as a single account.

So, even though your orders may only add up to a few pairs at a time, we are sending hundreds!

We Get You Connected:

When you buy Free Form Lenses through us, we provide two key benefits:

  1. You get the kind of state-of-the-art processing that the largest labs in the world use. This assures the highest quality prescriptions available on the market today. All processing is accomplished using the latest technology, from electronic order entry direct from our website, to the computerized final inspection protocols.
    The result is that you save $$$ MONEY!
  2. Next, Free Form International manages the supply chain. Below is a simple diagram showing how your order is processed.
    From the time your order is placed, we are connected and monitor every movement of your order.