Single Vision, Aspheric/Atoric, Fully Compensated Design


Aspheric/Atoric design, combining backside free-form processing with a spherical front surface, providing single vision lens wearers with an optimized optical correction.

  • 100% of the aspheric/atoric design is surfaced on the back side of the lens.
  • The design is optimized in both the spherical and cylindrical power.
  • The design is optimized for the lens material chosen.
  • Center thickness and edge thickness are reduced.
  • Minimizes optical aberration for the worn position.


Lens Type: Backside aspheric single vision
Fitting Point: Geometric Center
Power Range: +10.50D to -10.75D (depending on index)
Prism Power: Up to 3.00 diopters per pair
Refractive Index: 1.50 (CR-39), 1.53 (Trivex), 1.59 (Poly), 1.60, 1.67
Additional Material Colors: *Transitions, *Transitions Xtractive, *Transitions Vantage, *Polarized


  1. Transitions Available In: 1.50 (CR-39), 1.59 (Poly), 1.60, 1.67
  2. Xtractive Available In: 1.50 (CR-39), 1.53 (Trivex), 1.59 (Poly), 1.67
  3. Vantage Available In: 1.50 (CR-39), 1.53 (Trivex), 1.59 (Poly), 1.67 Soon!
  4. Polarized Available In: 1.50 (CR-39), 1.59 (Poly), 1.67